Welcome to the Gipson Trove


I stand upon the shoulder of giants, and give credit where it is due. Without the following technologies, this site would not exist in its current form:

This site was generated using Hugo. The pages are penned in the Blackfriday flavor of Markdown and in Go Templates using the Vim editor.

Typekit™ was employed for the fonts, Cooper Black Std by Adobe, and Rosario by Omnibus-Type. The Cooper Black font was chosen because of its popularity in the 1970’s. The new That-‘70’s-Theme color scheme is inspired by our Bicentennial chic aesthetic.

Special Thanks

Also, I want to give special thanks to my beloved wife, Katie, who tolerates all this nonsense and makes life happy despite my countless shortcomings.

I am genuinely very fortunate she sticks with me

This page last updated: Jul 19, 2018