Welcome to the Gipson Trove


We all stand upon the shoulder of giants, and I like to give credit where it’s due. Without the following technologies, this site would not be the same:

This site was generated using Hugo. The pages are penned in the Blackfriday flavor of Markdown and in Go Templates using the Vim editor. Chat service is hosted on freenode.

Typekit™ was employed for the fonts, Cooper Black Std by Adobe, and Rosario by Omnibus-Type. The Cooper Black font was chosen because of its popularity in the 1970’s. The photo gallery was generated using Picasa Web Albums. I designed the Aubergine-Pumpkin color scheme (inspired by our wedding colors) using

Special Thanks

Also, I want to give special thanks to my beloved wife, Katie, who tolerates all this nonsense and makes life happy, and Henry and Puff who allow the repeated depiction of their personae.