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2018 Welcomes Stevie Nicks to the family!

I admit it. I had no idea who Stevie Nicks is at the beginning of this year (my apologies to everyone who has ever listened to a radio, ever). As a general rule, when we adopt we tend to keep the name the dog is listed as by the rescue group. If we adopted a dog named “Lucifer’s Lover,” there’s a strong statistical probability that we would keep the name. My assumption had been that everything in that poor animal’s world is changing; let her keep her name.

After mourning the loss of puff, we set out to rescue another dog — more so as a way to honor Puff than as a way to replace her. A good dog deserves a good successor.

Stevie is a very warm but protective. She notices when anything unusual is happening at the house and reports with astonishing accuracy when something is amiss.

If you get a chance to see her, be sure to say hello and rub her belly. She likes that!

Stevie loves a belly rub!
Stevie loves a belly rub!

This page last updated: Jul 19, 2018