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Moving To Hugo

To the frontier!

The Middleman is a fine static site generation tool, however because of my increasing interest in Go, I have decided to switch from MM to Hugo. I feel like MM is a more mature system.

For example, when porting my templates over to Hugo, I learned that index.html had to be written in HTML. It’s the only content page that must be written in HTML, and it’s also possibly the only content page that some sites may have. Oops. Well, there’s a hacky workaround, but my idealism wouldn’t allow for that, so I’m just writing that one in HTML and waiting for the “official” fix.

Another issue was with content list templates not generating when there is no content to list. I haven’t found a bug on this on yet, and may well file one at some point. I feels wrong. If you create a section and have no content in the section yet, then I believe that the Section List template should be rendered with an empty list at the very least.